Stories 8


Rambling Heart are a Birmingham based theatre company  specialising in creating interdisciplinary theatre rooted in storytelling and folk art. We aim to create accessible, visceral theatre which connects with and involves our audiences: leaving you thinking – and most importantly – feeling.

“He who can take no interest in what is small, will take false interest in what is great; he who cannot make a bank sublime will make a mountain ridiculous.” – John Ruskin

Here at Rambling Heart, we believe in thinking big but we think the small things matter. Small things like  stories, fragments in time, moments that make up lives.

Take our space at local sweet shop, Ruby-Ru, for example. It’s a little space, with big possibilities, right in the heart of a community with stories to tell. Why not drop by Ruby-Ru and share a story? We are busy cooking up scratch events, sharings of new work, open rehearsals and storytelling workshops. You can find details of our open workshops and events on our Ruby-Ru page.

Rambling Heart have previously created work for the RSC Open Stages and The Three Week Window Festival. Our next project, The Vaudeville Icarus, will see us visit Pilot Nights and Birmingham Rep.  Come and join us in shaping our next tale.

What our audiences think:


“Very creative and innovative.”

“Very bold imaginative stuff. Puppetry, mime and theatrics with something to say!”

“Strangely captivating…an odd mix of clever and weird.”

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